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Tuesday 2 February

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The theme for our meeting on Tuesday 2 February co-hosted with the Urban Design Group was "Bargain interventions that change behaviour"- add comments, recommendations or suggestions here (you will need to request permission to do so). Click here to return to the front page and list of other Talk the Walk meetings.  

As this is an event to give as many people a chance to get to know others in the room, we limit the presentations to only a few minutes each.  Any participant that wants to address the whole room may do so - the more participants electing to do so the less time each of them has to speak! For this Talk the Walk we have created a facility for each presenter to illustrate their presentations (and hopefully share them using Slide Share).   Help us develop a resource of  Bargain interventions and download suggestions from delegates. Here's a list of who took part.







Presentations made on the evening included:

David Blazey - South London & Maudsley Mental Health Trust

Steve Butters - CIHA Life Skills Project" working with young Irish tenants of Causeway

Ross Butcher - Transport for London - behaviour change the TfL way

Colette Hiller - Sing London - simple interventions can trigger social interaction

Liz Kessler - street improvements to encourage play

Trevor Pybus - Community Development, Phoenix Community Housing

Matt Scott - Community Sector Coalition - from Third Sector to Civil Society

Aideen Silke - Project Manager: Feeling Good About Where You Live: the impact of interventions in the residential environment on mental wellbeing of residents.
Jack Skillen - Living Streets Fitter for Walking

Andrew Stuck - neighbourhood welcome walkabouts

Dawn Wylie - Peter Brett Associates on work in Brighton & Hove




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