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Tuesday 25 November

Page history last edited by Andrew Stuck 11 years, 8 months ago

The theme for our inaugural meeting on Tuesday 25 November was Physical Activity - add comments, recommendations or suggestions here (you will need to request permission to do so). Click here to return to the front page and list of other Talk the Walk meetings.

Presentations to be made on the evening include:

•    Roger Mackett, Professor of Transport Studies at UCL on his research into children, physical activity and walking.

•    Katherine Thompson, Physical Activity for Health Coordinator, London NHS on the recent audit of physical activity provided by PCTs and local authorities.

•    Jonny Ambrose, Communications consultant, on embedding active travel into the communication strategies of London’s NHS – a blueprint commissioned by Transport for London.

•    Andrew Stuck, a behaviour change consultant, on a new proposal called “Induction walkabout”.


Participants who attended:

Jonny Ambrose from  JA Associates a Communications Consultant with recent experience with London NHS Hospital Trusts.

Tim Baker  from  Newham PCT  the lead for healthy living at Newham PCT.

Liz Crampton    from Living Streets is campaigns assistant for Living Streets. Liz will be working with 5 businesses and 5 secondary schools in London encouraging walking.

Richard Ghail geologist, ground engineer, turned transport planner,

Maja Luna is an urbanist with a strong interest in community development. She considers empowerment of residents and phenomenological experiences extremely important in development processes.

Laura McCrea  from Southwark Council looks after the Travel Awareness remit at Southwark, including walk to school activities, travel awareness events and campaigns.

Roger Mackett  from University College London is Professor of Transport Studies.

Laura Simmonds from Harrow PCT  is the Walk Scheme coordinator for Harrow PCT.  She is newly appointed so is keen to absorb as many ideas as possible!

Andrew Stuck from Rethinking Cities Ltd is your host - he is a behaviour change consultant and walking artist.

Sharon Tan        

Katherine Thompson from NHS London & Sport England is the Physical Activity for Health Co-ordinator (West) Regional Public Health Team London - she commissioned  the recent audit of physical activity in PCTs in London.

Stacy Woodward from Living Streets Walking Works Coordinator for London. Stacy will be working with numerous businesses across London helping them to promote walking amongst staff.


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