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Wednesday 25 November

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The theme for our meeting on Wednesday 25 November co-hosted with NHS Greenwich and Living Streets' Walking Works campaign was Well-being in the workplace - add comments, recommendations or suggestions here (you will need to request permission to do so). Click here to return to the front page and list of other Talk the Walk meetings.  

As this is an event to give as many people a chance to get to know others in the room, we limited the presentations to only a few minutes each.  Any participant that wants to address the whole room may do so - the more participants electing to do so the less time each of them has to speak!


Presentations made on the evening included:

Dr Mike Brannan - Regional Public Health Group, Department of Health on the Health Work and Well-being Challenge Fund for SMEs

Harold Coggins - workplace health through Tai chi

Helen Deaton - NHS Greenwich's Healthy Workplaces Programme Manager will speak on her work in the borough.

Claudette Edwards - NHS Lambeth Staff Support Manager

Joy Ellery - Director of Knowledge, Governance and Communications at University Hospital Lewisham

Jerry Gibson - ACAS' support of the role of line managers in promoting and achieving well being in the workplace - and the skills that will help them do this.

Charlotte Hall - Programme Manager, London Works for Better Health at the London Health Commission

Dana Hayes - Workfit Project Manager at NHS Islington on lessons learnt from workplace health in Islington

Grace Mehanna - Business in the Community - their Business Action on Health Campaign

Veronica Reynolds - Director of Walk England on  the 2,012 Active Challenge Routes project an outline of this Be Active Be Healthy project and how to get involved.

Adam Shaw - The Stress Management Society - Walk Innovation - A new path to health.

Richard Smith & Stacy Woodward - Campaigns Manager for Living Streets' Walking Works on how Living Streets promotes health in the workplace.

Richard Soulsby - The role of holistic life coaching in supporting personal well-being.

Andrew Stuck - "travel-abouts" - getting staff more physicaly active.

Donna Tzelepis - Fitbug - Supported workplace health tools to encourage employees to be more active.

Koy Thomson - CEO London Cycling Campaign on the formation of the Cycling Star Alliance, a new 'one-stop-shop' of cycling related businesses.

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